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Voluntary Festival in Ciechanów

      The last days of spring, that were very warm and windy, we spend presenting out organization. On 30-th of May we were invited to the Voluntary Festival in Ciechanów   by Stowarzyszenie Ciechanowski Wolontariat. 
       The main idea was to present FIYE for young and not people from Ciechanów  and to show them different opportunities to go abroad and work there as a volunteer. 
     During our trip to Ciechanów weather was wonderful, but at the place, when we found organizers of the festiwal and start to prepare our working space, the strong wind began and blow away all our staff. 

           We wanted to create a little cafe, where everyone interested in voluntary service or workcamps can ask our coordinators Sylwia and Grzegosz about it and take advices, drinking limonade and eating sweet-stuff. But it was hard to realize this idea because of place (too small), wind (every time blowing away our poster, cups, flags and so on) and absence of young people. In spite of that, we told with people, who was going near our tent, showed them our chronicle with photos. 

      We was there about 3 hours meeting people, trying to become acquainted with different organization, giving interview, but the weather became more and more horrible and we decided to go. Anyway it was good day :-)

Good luck,
Elena :-)

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