poniedziałek, 3 sierpnia 2015

V Przegląd Twórczości Abstynenckiej ŚWIT

                                      August was announced the month of sobriety in Pultusk.
     On Saturday, the 1-st of August, we participated in retrospective of creation organized by the Association of Pułtusk Sobriety "Dawn". Some of our local volunteers - Sylwia and Alicja -  were helping me to orgаnize space for children. 

     From 14 p.m. to 18 p.m. Sylwia was painting faces, cats, dogs, butterflies, spiderman and zombi were the most popular among children. Elena was making dogs, giraffes, rabbits, swans from baloons and Russian dools from napkins. 
     During the afternoon every child had a chance to participate in painting competition, in the end everybody have got their prizes. 

      The atmosphere was a picnic, the territory near landing stage was full of people. There were a lot of attractions for children and adults. During whole day we were listening a live music, have got free soup and sausages and were swiming in the gandolla :-)

Take care and remember, that August is the month of sobriety,


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