sobota, 6 lutego 2016

The arrival of the new volunteers

Dear people,

On the first of February 2016, three new faces appeared in the beautiful medieval town of Pułtusk, when me, Petja, and other two new volunteers, Pedro and Vassia, arrived for seven-month EVS projects here. Other volunteers and organization staff welcomed us in Warsaw, after which we headed for the final destination, Pułtusk, 'The Venice of Masovia'. There a bunch of lovely local young people had organized a small welcome party, and it was indeed great to wind down a bit after a long trip.

We spent the first days in Pułtusk getting acquainted with each other and the town, as well as familiarizing ourselves with the projects. We visited the office, where I’ll be working, and Pedro's and Vassia's workplaces, two local nursery schools. Dawid, a local young man going to Serbia for EVS, spent some time with us before his departure. 

When it comes to every day life, our new residence is nice and well located. Moreover, I have already fallen in love with this cute little town and its inhabitants, as well as with cozy cukiernias and other small shops. Thus, based on the first days here in Pułtusk, I am quite convinced that this is the start of something beautiful.

The new volunteers from left to right: Vassia from Greece, Dawid from Pułtusk, Pedro from Spain, and me, Petja, from Finland

Pedro and Vassia getting to know their workplace

Stay tuned for some more experiences of the first weeks! :)



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