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Intercultural Easter meeting

Dear people,

Last Tuesday we had an intercultural Easter meeting at the language café. The event was quite a success since surprisingly many people showed up and the atmosphere was cozy. Also the variety of the countries where people came from was wide: besides our volunteers from Spain, Greece and Finland, there were students from Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and obviously from Poland. Moreover, the boss of the language school is from Moldova and she also knows the Romanian culture really well. The composition of the group was ideal for the topic of the day, I learnt more about Easter traditions in different countries than I would have ever expected!

International Easter fact sheet

People brought lots of food to the meeting, which made me really happy. We had Polish soups and sweets, some Romanian sweets and a plenty of eggs. We started the meeting by learning something about Greek, Finnish, Spanish, Moldovan and Romanian Easter in pictures. Especially in Spain they have some traditions that seem weird for a foreigner, such as dressing up as Nazarenos who awkwardly resemble the members of KKK. But when you think about it, it's actually great that they haven't let the horrors of another continent suppress their own beautiful traditions! In Greece Easter includes flying kites, eating a lot of food and tapping red-colored eggs onto each other to see who manages to crack the other person's egg first. In Finland, at least for me and my family, Easter is just a celebration of chocolate eggs, bunnies and witches without any religious aspects, but some people celebrate Easter also for religious reasons.

After having learnt about the traditions, we put them into practise and played the Greek egg-cracking game and spouted water on each other, following the Polish Wet Monday tradition.



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The International Easter Egg is arising
The Egg Fight
The best part: Easter sweets!

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