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Angélica, the new volunteer from Colombia


We are cooperating with Angélica who is participating in the project of Stowarzyszenie Promocji Wolontariatu, title Volunteers at the Interface between formal and non-formal education. Now we'll let her tell a couple of words about her arrival in Poland!


Holi everyone!

I'm Angelica from Colombia and arrived in Poland on the 1st of April. Already at the airport of Warsaw and I was feeling very different. I met with my coordinator and we went together to Pułtusk, my new home. During the ride I was trying to read each word I saw and it was very fun, although my polish is not the greatest.

Checking out Warsaw's night
Once I arrived at home it was really nice to see my roomies and my mentor waiting for me. They cooked some polish food and, for the first time, I tried a Pierogi. I must confess it reminds me of the colombian "empanadas"; they seemed so similar and different at the same time. After trying to say some words in polish with them and playing some games I went to bed. Not feeling much of a jet-lag.

Waiting for the bus

On Saturday, I went to Warsaw and met some volunteers from other programs and had a great time in the city. Everything was new, fresh and challenging. I started to get more and more excited about the experience I am going to have over the next months. The past week was very exciting because I learnt a lot every day. More words, more people and more about my EVS. This week I am in Warsaw, for my first training, and after this week the real adventure will start.

A private ride for the new volunteer!

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