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Mid-term training in Toruń

Dear people,

I spent last week in the beautiful city of Toruń with 10 other foreign volunteers, including my flatmates Pedro and Vassia. The fourth flatmate, Angélica, didn't participate in this training, because she arrived two months after us.

We went to Toruń by bus, and without knowing anything we were traveling with other volunteers coming to the training. We were accomodated in a small nice hotel, and also many of the activities took place there. I loved the fact that we were a small group, because this way no cliques were formed and the group spirit was good. The first evening, we went to a boat pub to get to know each other and relax after a long trip.

Volunteers ran workshops for each other, in this one creative writing skills are being discovered through meditation

Spanish-Portugese selfie emerging

During the week we had many different activities, including getting to know the city, sharing knowledge and experiences and planning the future after EVS. The training was really useful for many reasons. some of us found good opportunities for the future, some got help for the problems they've faced in their projects, some just found a break in the middle of the project essential to go over the whole thing. For me it was a fluke that seven people out of eleven were fluent in Spanish, so I had a lot of good practice!

Toruń was an ideal place for the training: beautiful, vibrant and compact.

Planning the future in a fancy café

One more thing, the food was ex-cel-lent, thanks to the chefs of Hotelik w Centrum!



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