sobota, 14 maja 2016

Schuman Parade

Dear people,

One week ago three foreign volunteers from Pułtusk and one polish volunteer from Warsaw took part in Schuman Parade, a yearly event organized by the Schuman Foundation. The objective of the project is to spread the idea of European integration, to encourage active citizenship of Europeans and to promote the EU. Along with the parade, a huge pro-EU demonstration took place, with about 240 000 people protesting against the government. We were there mainly to promote workcamps at our stand on the Krakowskie Przedmieście, but we also marched for half an hour with other people.

Volunteers posing the famous wheel of fortune behind them

We had different kind of activities and attractions to allure people to come to talk with us. The most visible thing was our legendary wheel of fortune. People rolled it in order to get a question about a topic determined by the wheel. If they got the answer right, they were rewarded with a pen or a badge. We gave them also a possibility to try to answer three questions, and if they got all of them right, they won a t-shirt. Lots of people were rolling the wheel and some of them also wanted to know more about workcamps, so the wheel of fortune was somewhat successful in the end!

Besides, Angélica had prepared a flag-making stop, where people could make personal flags with workcamp-related stamps. The flags looked great and we took some of them to the parade with us!

Our Colombian artist knows no limits, when it comes to creativity

The parade itself was also nice, it's always good to see so many people marching for a good sake. Pedro attracted lots of reporters and photographers with the huge heart he was carrying. Even so, for us carrying a heart is always a good idea, because what could be more important than spreading the message of universal love?

Demonstration + heart + workcamps = recipe for a good Saturday

After the parade we visited a local activity center in Southern Praga to learn more about how to involve local people into activities and what kind of activities people like. The tour was good and our guide lovely. She even did the whole thing in English, even though she had prepared to do it in Polish, which we volunteers appreciated a lot.

Villagers learning how the things are done in a city

All in all, it was a great and successful day, more of these, please!



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