piątek, 3 czerwca 2016

Children's Day at Helenów

Dear people,

Yesterday I went to Warsaw with Vassia to assist the local volunteers at their workplace's Children's Day. Once we got there, I realized that the event was way bigger than I'd expected. There were numerous attractions, a big stage with big performances and hundreds of people. The place itself is a center for rehablition, education and care for people with disabilities, so in the event there were also plenty of people with disabilities. It was good to have Vassia there with us, because she has worked with people with disabilities for quite a long time.

In our stand the main attraction was face painting. Our artists had a great variety of designs, including Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, tiger and pirates. The stand was really popular and there was a long queue of children waiting to get one of these masterpieces on their faces.

Our guest star, Sofie from Krakow, at work

Face painting is serious business

Also the can knockdown game was a success. The only problem was that people's throwing skills were much better than we expected, so we ran out of prizes rather soon. Nevertheless, everyone wanted to play the game even when there were no prizes anymore. Towards the end of the event some of the kids showed great imagination by piling the cans up in the most intriguing ways.

Xavi from Catalonia, shows how to do it
This was my favorite can formation

The atmosphere in the event was really warm and people were generally on a good mood. We also wittnessed some heart-warming performances on the stage, when people with disabilities sang songs for a big crowd, which was probably something they'll never forget. I feel truly happy for the fact that someone puts effort on organizing this kind of events, I hope to see more of these in the future!


Every now and then the bubbles were almost the size of the kids blowing them

General atmosphere of the stand

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