piątek, 27 maja 2016

The Great Piñata Workshop


This week at the langauge café we made traditional Mexican piñatas. When we were planning the event, the first problem was that we didn't have a Mexican volunteer to show us how it's done. Luckily we soon found out that there is the same tradition also in Colombia, so Angélica took care of the instruction. We did the laborous part beforehand in our flat, so that the people at the language café could concentrate on the best part, which of course is decorating!
Easter egg or piñata?

Iga and Kuba working on their piniatas

People really made surprisingly beutiful and personal piñatas. I was expecting everyone to make a dull egg-shaped thingie in rainbow colors, but instead, people engendered Superman, chicken, Russian man and other a bit more abstract masterpieces.

The piñatas will face their destiny on the Children's Day in June.



Stefan and superpiñata

Anlica, of course, made a traditional one 

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