poniedziałek, 25 lipca 2016

Colombian Morning in Senior Wigor


Today morning some of us visited Senior Wigor, a local activity center for seniors. I prepared a presentation about Colombia, mostly in English, but I also added some words in Polish, and of course I had Polish friends to help me communicate and talk about my country. I talked about some typical food, drinks, flora, fauna and the differences between the regions of Colombia.

It was great to have their attention and be able to answer some questions about the fascinating Colombian food, flora and fauna. There are  many differences between Poland and Colombia, but besides differences, we also talked about some Polish and Colombian dished that are really similar, such as Polish pierogi and Colombian empanadas. Meeting finished with some Cumbia, the national dance of my country.

The funniest moment was went they asked me about how many meters of fabric was used to make my cumbia skirt! We had a good time with the seniors and maybe we will meet them again in order to prepare some typical Colombian dishes.



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