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Picnics & Concerts

Dear people,

Me and my siblings have been playing and singing music for all our lives, so last week, when my sister was visiting me here in Pułtusk, we decided to organize a couple of music-themed events for the local people.

On Wednesday, we went to Senior Wigor for a two-hour session with the seniors. The first part was our small acoustic concert with songs in many different languages, including Finnish (also the Savonian dialect), German, Italian, Spanish and some other. It was a pleasure to play for the seniors, because everytime they recognized the song they started singing along. Based on their reactions, I think their favorites were the Italian classic L'Italiano, patriotic Russian Конь and the world-renowed Savonian Ieavn Polkka. We also played them some more modern music by Muse and The Smashing Pumpkins, but the seniors apparently prefered the old classics!

At the end the concert one of the Ladies sang us a song in French, after which we headed for a coffee break. In the second part of the event we sang together old Polish classics, like Białe róże, Hej Sokoły, O mój rozmarynie, Stokrotna, Niby nic i Czerwone jabłusko. My sister speaks fluent Russian, so she managed to sing along (with a funny accent though). We couldn't play as many songs as usual, because my fingers were exhausted after hours of practice. However, the singing session was great as always, I will miss these Wednesdays for sure!

On Thrusday at the picnic the music session was a bit less-organized and we were mostly jamming around with Iga and Emil. Angélica had prepared lots of excellent percussion instruments using beer caps, which make the session even better. 

Thanks to everyone who participated in these events, I had a great time! 



Iga posing with her guitar
Edyta admiring Angélica's handmade instruments

"Lasciatemi cantare!"

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