czwartek, 29 września 2016

Europe changes Warsaw


As promised, today I will tell you more about a big event that took place in Warsaw on the 10th of September. On this Saturday, Warsaw welcomed Europe in one of the numerous parks of the city, Pole Mokotowskie.  
We were invited to promote international voluntary service at the event called “Europe changes Warsaw”. So Marie and I joined Luciana, Yi-Chieh, Simona and Jaqueline, as well as our two coordinators Grzegorz and Sylwia, to run a stand on volunteering. 

For this occasion, we created posters, games, intercultural activities and decorations in order to make people discover different cultures, languages and the various volunteering opportunities that exist. Thus, if you happened to be walking by our stand on that day, you would have had a chance to:

-  Get information on European Voluntary Service, International Cultural Youth exchanges and work camps.
-  Play the fortune wheel or the fortune teller and answer a general knowledge’s quiz to try and win lollipops.
-  Try to find the languages in which various sentences were written and practise pronouncing them.
-  Test your geography by trying to name countries on maps and find their flag, before answering questions about those countries.
-   Discover what a foreigner experiences in Poland through comics strips and adding your own.

See by yourself!  

 It was a fun and entertaining day during which we played and discussed with a lot of different people, from all ages. It was not always easy to communicate sometimes, as most of us don’t speak Polish yet and some people did not speak English but thankfully, we had Jaqueline, our German volunteer who speaks Polish and of course our two coordinators who were playing translators as well.

And as we are a very conscientious team, we also HAD to try out the sweets we were giving, in order to make sure that they were good. It was clearly our duty. And the ice creams were just a question of survival, given the high temperature of this sunny afternoon!


We were there the whole afternoon, exchanging, discussing, playing, laughing and hopefully convincing some people to give a try at volunteering in the future!

We finished this really nice day by going to the restaurant to try some delicious Polish pierogi, before heading home.  
Thank you to the Warsaw volunteers (whose adventures you can follow on "Mr. Hedgehog tell us please...") and see you soon, or as we say in Polish, na razie!


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