sobota, 1 października 2016

Innovative and Creative Youth Empowerment Part 1

Our association has joined a new Erasmus+ project aimed at strenghtening cooperation between EVS coordinating organisations and their local partners. The project will be realised in partnership with KERIC from Slovakia (initiator and coordinator of the project) and Maailmanvaihto from Finland.

General programme of the project:
1. National level: creating a database of local partners
2. International meeting in Slovakia: creating a survey about needs in cooperation with foreign volunteers for local partners, February 2017
3. National level: survey among local partners
4. International meeting in Finland: creating a programme of the training for local partners according to the results of the survey, May 2017
5. National level: running trainings for local partners
6. International meeting in Poland: presentation of the results and evaluation of the project, February 2018

Each international meeting will be a chance to visit 2 local partners which will give us a better view on projects organised by KERIC and Maailmanvaihto and a chance to exchange good practices. An added value of the project is developing cooperation between new and old members of ICYE network.

The project is co-funded by Erasmus+, Key Action 2: strategic partnership in the field of youth

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