wtorek, 8 listopada 2016

Being a volunteer is COOL!

Dzień dobry people! 

It is the beginning of November, it is my last month in Poland and I have to say that I feel some nostalgia as winter is coming. I love the fresh air, see the change of the time and of course I love my project. 

All of these to tell you that we take all the opportunities to encourage students from different schools to participate in volunteering events.
Me Angelica talking about Colombia.
Today early in the morning my coordinator Sylwia Jędra, my flatmate Julia from France and I visited Liceum ogólnokształcące im p skargi w Pułtusku. It was great to have a big group of students from first year and also to realize how much they know about our countries. 

Julia talking about France.
In my experience, my EVS has been great to hear what people know and do not know about my country. Talking about past experiences, the present and the future to young students it is one of the most important goals on EVS. I think it helps to open minds and to make grow up some curiosity about volunteering and being abroad. 

We thank Pani Anna Krawczyńska for the invitation and the warm welcome!

Na razie!

Pa pa! 

 Angélica Camargo Flórez
EVS - Pułtusk 2016

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