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Viva Brazil! Viva Colombia!

Hello from Pułtusk!

Here we are! Luciana Feijo from Brazil and I. We are from South America and we are so happy of sharing with you our meeting in the Children’s University last weekend. After the first meeting for this year, the kids were waiting for our mysterious presentation about our countries. Luciana is a volunteer from ICYE and SPW, as I am. She is working in hipoterapy with disable people in Warsaw.

Friday night Luciana arrive in Pułtusk and later we discuss about our presentation and  also about our experience in Poland. Was really excited because she spoked in Portuguese and I did in Spanish! Was a nice way of sharing our lives in Poland.

Luciana and Tugce
As I told you, Saturday morning we went into the Children’s University and with help of my flatmate Tugce from Turkey and of course all help and great invitation from Joanna Popielska teacher from the University, we start the presentation. 

Me and he having a spanish conversation.

At the beginning we talk about some fact of Colombia and some from Brazil as well. About food, flora and fauna. We had a moment for make some artwork with them and of course we had time for dancing. The kids were interested and show us their skills in drawing, handcraft, learning languages and wow dancing! 
Dancing the CARRAPICHO. 
This was our meeting on Saturday with wonderful kids from Pułtusk. We are so happy to share this and more adventures with you!

Keep in touch! 

Cheers from the Venice of Mazovia! 

Angélica Camargo Flórez
EVS - Pułtusk 2016

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