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Children's university : France, the land of castles, kings and queens

Cześć everyone!

Two weeks ago, Marie and I were invited to run a French session at the Children’s University. Regularly on Saturdays, the Akademia Humanistyczna im. Aleksandra Gieysztora w Pułtusku welcomes children for classes on a variety of topics. After Angélica and Luciana’s presentation on Colombia and Brazil a few weeks ago, it was our turn to exchange with the Children’s University young students. 

For this session, we decided to focus on a particular aspect: castles, kings and queens of France! We started off the fun by presenting ourselves and teaching them a few words in French. All of them also received a sticker with the French version of their names: Zuzanna, Aleksander, Mateusz or again Agata became Susanne, Alexandre, Matthieu and Agathe for an hour!

 We then presented various castles from the Renaissance and Classic/Baroque eras, before teaching them a few steps from a Renaissance dance . It was so much fun seeing them dance with their colorful crowns. True queens and kings in the making!

We finished our session by showing them how people and especially children of that time used to dress and put it into practice with coloring pictures drawn by Marie herself! Thus, the children could color Queen Claude de France or create their own King by mixing clothes from King François I and King Henri IV.

 We had a really nice time and we hope the children enjoyed it and learned as much as we did! Marie and I discovered the completely different approach you have to adopt to do a presentation with children and how to keep their attention and it was a very instructive session for the both of us.  

Merci beaucoup Joanna for inviting us!

À bientôt,

Julia and Marie

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