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Winter holidays' language café

Hallo, merhaba, bonjour!

It is Winter Holidays in Pułtusk and therefore, we decided to organise a language café at the Pub/Restauracja Magdalenka last Monday. And this time, it was open not just to students, but to anyone who was interested in languages, cultures and games.

We promoted it in Pułtusk through posters and advertised it on social networks as well. It is always hard to know in advance how many people will come and we had to be ready to adapt our activities, depending on the number of participants. We were a bit worried that we will only get a few ones but from 4pm, Tuğçe, Marie, Saskia, Sylwia and I were happy to see a nice group of twelve people join us for this language café.

We started by getting to know each other through the game “Find someone who… We had to go around the room to find people who fitted the criteria we gave: someone who has a brother and a sister, who has never seen the movie “Home Alone”, who has lived in three countries, who broke a bone and so on. And the three fastest to find someone for each box won a price (sweets of course, you know us!). 

We then decided to make people discover a bit more about the Turkish, Belgian and French cultures through a quiz on traditions, customs and gestures. For instance, did you know that shaking your hand in front of your eyes means that someone is crazy in the German-speaking part of Belgium? Or that in Turkey, the groom has to drink a coffee with salt, prepared by the bride, to show his love? Or again that in France, pulling the bottom of your eye with your index means that you don’t believe the person? We had a lot of customs and gestures to share and it was also the occasion for us to learn more about the Polish culture, as most questions could be applied to Poland. So it really was about exchanging and we learned as much as our participants did!

Afterwards, Tuğçe went on teaching us a Turkish dance, traditionally danced at weddings. We did not have much space but we managed it and we are now ready to attend a wedding in Turkey. Or a prom ball in Poland! Thus, the Polish participants decided to teach us the prom dance, an important tradition in Poland. Dziękuję bardzo! 

Finally, our language café ended with games and we played Jungle Speed and Dobble - both rapidity games - that had us shouting and laughing. 

It was a really fun evening, which was all about sharing. We taught people about our cultures, as we planned, but we also learned so much about other cultures and I think that it is the purpose of our language cafés: a mutual exchange. So thank you to everyone who came and we hope to organize another event like this one very soon!

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