środa, 10 maja 2017

Schuman Parade 2017

Cześć everyone,

Last Saturday, Tuğçe, Marie, Saskia and I teamed up with Jaqueline, Jana and Simona, the volunteers of Stowarzyszenie Promocji Wolontariatu in Warsaw at the occasion of the Schuman Parade. Pedro, a former FIYE Spanish volunteer visiting us this weekend also joined the fun! You may remember him from previous articles on this blog. 

The Schuman Parade is an event organized once a year in Warsaw, to celebrate the integration of Europe. On the occasion, the Krakowskie Przedmieście street welcomes a multitude of stands promoting Europe, various countries, different cultures and languages, volunteering opportunities, etc, as well as a parade.

SPW had a stand promoting volunteering and languages through games and activities: quiz, language dice, sentences in different languages, mix and match of cities, memory… We had a lot of people coming to our stand, learning more about volunteering opportunities and trying out the games we offered. We were surprised by the variety of people we met: children, teenagers, students, adults, elderly people, from Poland and abroad, came to play with us and it was so nice to exchange with them! 

Of course, we also took part to the Schuman parade at 12pm and visited the other stands to discover more about other countries and opportunities (as well as to fulfill our quest for flying balloons and flags!).

Afterwards, our coordinator Grzegorz took our international team of Polish, German, French, Turkish, Belgium, Spanish, Slovakian and Italian volunteers for a Polish buffet in town. Dziękuję bardzo!
Stay tuned for more adventures!


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