czwartek, 1 czerwca 2017

Children's Day at Helen贸w

Hello everyone,

Happy Children's Day! 馃槉 Today is "Dzie艅 Dziecka" in Poland and in a lot of other countries.
Yesterday, Marie and I joined the Warsaw volunteers to celebrate it at Helen贸w, a rehabilitation, education and welfare center for disabled children and youth, where Simona, Jaqueline, Genny and a new French volunteer, Laureen, work. 

The event was a big one, with giant inflatable castles, slides, concerts, stands, games etc. As for us, we offered the children three different activities. The first possibility for them was to create a giant painting with their handprints. They had paints of different colours at their disposal and it was as messy as it was fun! We also brought with us huge bubble sticks that had the kids and us trying to create the best bubbles. 

Finally, we also turned into makeup artists for the day. Our face painting booth had a huge success and we had an endless line of excited children wanting to turn into batman, butterflies, cats, dogs, Minnie Mouse, tigers, zebras or strawberries! 馃榿

It was very enriching for Marie and me, as neither of us had done face painting before. So we had to learn fast and improvise on the spot! Marie is even reusing her new skills today in her own kindergarten.

Thank you to the volunteers of Helen贸w for inviting us for a day full of paint, bubbles and smiles!


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