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Evalutation training in Biebrzanski Park Narodowy

Dzień dobry!

The EVS adventure is already coming to an end for most of the volunteers in Pułtusk and Warsaw. For Jaqueline, Jana, Saskia, Marie, Tuğçe and I, it was therefore time for a two day evaluation training with our coordinators Sylwia and Grzegorz. This year, it took place in Gugny, in the national park of the Biebrza River.

We were wonderfully welcomed in the guest house of Pani Bronia, who treated us with delicious Polish food and kindness during our stay there. 
The first day was about exploring the surroundings and we went for a walk in the nature, armed with our mosquito repellant, which was very much needed as we were attacked by huge clouds of mosquitoes and flies.

But we still got to enjoy our lovely homestay garden and play badminton or sit by the bonfire.

The second day was dedicated to evaluating our volunteering experience and we did so through discussions, and various activities. For instance, we had to list positive and negative things about the various aspects of our year and discuss them afterwards. We also had to bring an object that reflects our feelings about our EVS. It was interesting to see the different objects and the meaning behind them. We also prepared for our youth pass, the document we will have to fill before the end of our volunteering. It was very useful and enriching to exchange about our experiences with all the volunteers and to reflect on this year.  

Thank you to our amazing coordinators, Pani Ania, Sylwia and Grzegorz (and to Ernest! 😊 ) for organising the evaluation meeting in this beautiful place and helping us all along our EVS. 

We still have  a few weeks left before the end of our adventures in Pułtusk so stay tuned!

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