środa, 19 lipca 2017

Tuğçe's presentation on Turkey at Senior Wigor

Dzień Dobry! Hello!

It's Tuğçe. My project is coming to an end. And I've been working in the kindergarten but it's now closed for the summer holidays. I wanted to meet the lovely seniors of Pułtusk and asked to go to Senior Wigor with Julia for one day.

They were even more lovely than I've imagined. They welcomed me very warmly and made me feel very comfortable from the beginning. I am happy that I've decided to go there. 

First, I started by making Turkish tea for them. I could tell they were very excited, which made me very happy. They were asking me questions and wanted to smell the tea. It was very nice to see that they are very open to any culture. 

After we drank our tea, I started my presentation about Turkey. Again, they were very excited! Even with my bad Polish, they tried to communicate with me and asked questions and during my presentation, I talked about Turkey in general and its traditions and culture. I had a quiz. I also wanted to show the real Turkish cuisine and we did a mix and match game with cards. Their reactions to the Turkish cuisine was amazing for me. For some dishes, they were very surprised but I think they enjoyed this activity. 

After the presentation, I introduced them to Turkish music/dance and they did the same with the awesome Polish songs. I really had a fun day and I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did! 😊

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