czwartek, 7 grudnia 2017

What have we been up to?

Hello hello hello,

we are back! Last week has been very busy. We're been preparing for two events which have succesfully passed as you can see...

On Sunday we went to Pomiechowek to take part in the ArtBAZAR, organized by the local culture center - Pompa Pomiechowek, where an EVS volunteer from Spain, Susanna, works.

Susi as a raindeer

We had our FIYE stand there to spread awarness about volunteering and we also prepared some Christmas related intercultural games. You could learn how to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in many languages, find out who brings presents in different countries and see how the traditional Christmas meals look.

Who would bring those boys gifts in Sweden, Italy or Greece, hmm?

We also got on the stage to sing Jingle bells in Spanish, Italian, German and Czech. You can watch the video here.
Stefan from Costa Rica, Jenny from Germany, Christina from Czech Republic,
Ilaria from Italy and Susanna from Spain singing

On Tuesday was an important day! Do you know why? It was the international volunteer's day!

We went to Zespół Szkół im. B. Prusa w Pułtusku to present volunteering to the students. They decorated Christmas cookies, we packed them and Sylwia later brought them to institutions which help the community in Pultusk!

After decorating the students participated in workshops about volunteering with Sylwia, Grzegorz and Sveta.
Presenting the results

At the end I was supposed to have a presentation about my previous volunteering experiences but it didn't happen after all, there was no more time left. Hopefully some other time ;)

This event even attracted the TV that was there filming almost the whole day. They also made an interview with Johanna about her volunteering here. You can see the final video here.

The star of the day
Seniors from Senior Wigor also appear in the reportage, you can watch them getting their cookies on Tuesday, the other institutions had to wait until Wednesday but now everyone already have their cookies 😊🍪
Cookies in the day-care center

For more pictures, you can check out our Facebook.


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