wtorek, 2 stycznia 2018

Workcamps in 1976? Of course!

Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!

We have a new year 2018 and everyone is wondering what it will bring, many people make resolutions and generally we tend to look at future at this time of year. But I would like to take a moment to also look in the past..

Specifically to the year 1976. Because recently we found a hidden treasure in the office. It is a newspaper/magazine/booklet made by volunteers (including one Polish thanks to whom we can now see this wonder!) who participated at a workcamp in Dannish city Odense. You can read what was the project about from the scanned original Camp news 😊

I think it is amazing that there were 7 participants in wheelchairs, especially given the workcamps topic. Who else could know better how to make a city guide for handicaped then those who live this struggle every day. What a wonderful example of volunteering for all!

We can also see that the workcamp attracted the local newspaper. Unfortunately I don't know what exactly is written in the article because I cannot speak Danish 😄

For those interested in the issue of handicapped people in Denmark, you can read what the volunteers wrote about it 42 years ago.

 As you see, workcamps and volunteering are with us for a while and even if the form may change over the years, the importance of having and active and involved society will never fade!

So if you need some inspiration for your New Year's resolutions, I advice you:
Volunteer! Home or abroad, just do it! Be an active citizen! Be the change you want to see in the world 😉

Much love to you all and in 2018 I wish you the strength to not let anyone or anything stop you to follow your dreams, wishes, desires and passions!!! 😘


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