środa, 10 maja 2017

Innovative and Creative Youth Empowerment Part 3

The 3rd international meeting of the project "Innovative and Creative Youth Empowerment" gave us a chance to visit our friends from Maailmanvaihto in Finland (03-07 May). The Polish team was composed of Sylwia, our EVS coordinator, and Edyta from the Social Care Centre "Na Przedwiosniu" which cooperates with foreign volunteers.

The working part of the meeting focused on discussing the needs of local partners hosting international volunteers and planning the training to support them. We also visited 2 very interesting host organsiations working with people with disabilities: Vocational College Keskuspuisto and a social enterprise Kisalli which produce high-quality rugs.

What would be a visit to Finland without sauna? The organisers, Mauri, Mari and Maiju made us feel Finnish when they took us to a summer house at the lake. We could go kayaking, relax in sauna (and jump to a cold lake afterwards) and have delicious dinner together.

The project is co-funded by Erasmus+.

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