poniedzia艂ek, 12 marca 2018

A change is gonna come...

Yes, it is here! 馃尀馃尀馃尀馃尀
Temperatures rising, days getting longer, the sun honors us with its presence. The spring is just behind the door. You can feel it in the air. Nature is waking up. Birds are singing again 馃幍馃惁

Sunday was amazing! We went for a nice walk with Liza and Gizem. And we were all so happy about the weather 馃槉馃槏 For me it was the first day since I arrived in Poland that I could put away the winter coat and go outside just with a light jacket. The first I day I actually felt warm outside and had to take off a layer.
Chilling by the river, sun in our faces 馃挍
Winter in Poland is hard. Yeah, of course, no new information. But it shouldn't be such a difference from Czech republic, right? Well somehow it felt so much longer and more depressive or tiring..
Is it colder? Possibly a little. Are the days shorter? Probably yes, but can't be that big a difference.. Was this winter especially cold and long? I wouldn't say so..
What can it be then? I think a have a hunch!

Winter in a small town is hard! I come from Prague, ok? Even after we moved to a village near by, my social life has always been happening in Prague. And in big cities the temperature, the season do not matter so much, there always something going on. But in small town it matters. I would say small towns and villages are closer to the natural cycles, energy rises in spring, peaks in summer and then fades.. In winter they are like bears, they sleep... 馃槾

I know, I chose to come to a small town because I was fed up up with the stress and hostility and I stand by my decisions, I actually believe this life suits me better. Still, it is a change, it is something different and it can be quite challenging. Sometimes you just can't prevent the winter depression.
But now it is over, we made it through!馃挭

Ice slowly melting 馃槈
No offense, but Pu艂tusk during winter is kind of a dead hole.. But from what I've heard in summer it should be lively 馃槉 So now I am super excited and imagine all the picnics, grilling on the balcony or in the park and just hanging outside in general 馃挌

Good times are coming! Mam nadziej臋!


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