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How was Greece?

It's been over a week since Kuba and Wiktoria returned from Greece and I met with them on Friday to make an interview ­čÄĄ

The "Summer in the city" workcamps are organized by our partner ELIX and he projects's aim is to support underprivileged families that encounter difficulties, by providing their children the opportunity to spend a quality summer time at school through creative activities. Also thanks to the project Volunteering is possible (VIP) financed by Erasmus+, our participants got support for the travel costs and pocket money.

So what were their impressions?

Both have agreed that it was an amazing experience, they opened more to the world, met a lot of great people from different countries, they both want to travel more in the future and do more volunteering and work with children.

“Before the trip I thought that dreams are just dreams and now I think that you can make dreams come true” Kuba

“Now I look at everything differently.. at children, at the people, at different countries, at the language, at everything.. it changed me so much” Wiktoria

How did a normal day look like?

this is where the volunteers were sleeping

House team had to wake up at 7am, the rest anytime before 8:30, they had breakfast together. Then the work started, first they spend some time with the kids outside, then came to the school, they had some classes, they played, there were two breaks. The working hours were from 9 to 14 but as Wiktoria and Kuba agree:

"Work wasn’t even work, it was pleasure, it was something you could be comfortable with"

After "work" they had lunch and then free time. Everyone could do what they wanted in the afternoon but usually they came up with a common plan like for example going to the beach or to Athens and who wanted to participate, join, who didn't, could stay and rest. Since they often stayed up talking until late at night, some people were trying to get the missing sleep during the day. 

How was working with kids?

Wiktoria admitted: "Before the trip, I'd rather work with older people, I thought children are noisy, always crying but now I only want to work with children!"

Kuba adds: “Even if they are noisy, it’s fine, they always cheer you up"

Wiktoria: "They come from nowhere and want to play with you, learn your language, they don't know English but try to connect anyway"

Both discovered how happy it can make you just being around kids.

There were some days when I was waking up and a smile just appeared on my face when I saw these kids. It never before to me just like that” Kuba

"When you were with them, you had to feel happy, you had to have a smile on your face" Wiktoria

"I recommend work with kids to everybody, all the time you are so positive, they can make your life better, teach you something" Kuba

What were you most proud of?

Wiktoria was most proud of her English, before going to Greece she was afraid she wouldn't be able to speak or that people wouldn't understand her, but she discovered that there were people with a lower level and everyone was able to communicate.

Now she feels more confident, more comfortable talking in English. Also about talking to people in general, before she was quite shy, closed to people, but the other participants made her more comfortable with them, with everything, they talked about everything, opened her eyes, she realized that "Poland is not the end of the world, you can travel, you can meet new people"

Before she felt like nothing will really happen in her life but now she says: “I feel like I can do everything I want!” “After this workcamp, I can do everything, I can play with children, I can cook, I can clean,I have many different skills. I learnt everything.

Kuba feels proud of giving something to the kids, he didn't realize he can give them so much until the last day, they had only positive words at the end, some of them were crying. Afterwards they kept texting and called. He has their addresses so he can send postcards and visit them in the future. He says the kids really taught him a lot.

He also feels more confident about the future: "Before I thought studies are difficult, I wanted to study but I was afraid, now I thinks I can do it!" He would like to study psychology, philology or geology.

We will see what wonderful adventures are waiting for these two in their future... I hope the newly gained motivation will stay with you and you can turn it into into something good!!! ­čśŐ

For both this was their first travel abroad, so obviously they were nervous. As Kuba said: "I thought it would all be so difficult, at the airport, in another country, but it's not." Wiktoria added: " The people were very helpful, when we asked for directions, they even tried drawing maps for us"
There a few difficulties but with the help of our amazing Sylwia they got resolved. Our young travelers are very thankful for the support they got!

There was much more said but then this article would be too long..

I just want to thank you once more for sharing your experience. For mean it really meant a lot, seeing you so happy, so full of joy and positive attitude, your stories really touched me. I am so grateful we could have helped you get this opportunity!

Dzi─Ökuje bardzo,

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